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Giving the Gift of Water

For the 2015 General Conference Session, the Southwestern Union is giving the gift of water. We have partnered with ADRA Zimbabwe to provide access to clean water for communities in need by opening three new wells in strategic areas across the country of Zimbabwe (Kanyemba, Lupane, and Victoria Falls). To celebrate this gift of water, each of the delegates at the General Conference Session will receive a special, commemorative water bottle to help stay hydrated in the summer heat and to serve as a reminder that we are part of a world church with diverse people and diverse needs.

Watch the video:


About the well locations

Victoria Falls: A well was opened to provide water for an Adventist school in Victoria Falls in need of a source of clean, reliable water. The school was built by ASI and Maranatha.

Lupane: A well was opened in Lupane to provide clean water for the Adventist school which was built by the Iowa-Missouri Conference and Garwin McNeilus.

Vadoma people: In a remote part of northern Zimbabwe is a tribe of people known as the Vadoma people. This well, which has just been opened, will give members of this tribe the gift of access to a reliable source of clean water. The Iowa-Missouri Conference, in partnership with Garwin McNeilus, is planning to build an Adventist school for the Vadoma people in the near future as well.

Click here for a map of the well locations.

Come see us at GC!

Please take the opportunity to stop by our booth at the GC Session (booth number A418) to talk to us about our water project, pick up a copy of the video on DVD, or get a free water bottle. Remember to enjoy the gift of water by staying hydrated in the summer heat!

Get Involved

You can help give the gift of water too! Visit for information on how to contribute to the digging of a well for a community in need. Click here for contact information specific to ADRA Zimbabwe. For more information about the Southwestern Union's efforts to share the gift of clean water, e-mail

Map of Africa with Zimbabwe highlighted

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