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Minner Labrador, Jr.
Vice President for Ministries, Stewardship Director
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Sam Green
Stewardship Assistant

Evelyn Labrador
Administrative Assistant


Phone: 817.295.0476

Stewardship links and resources:

-- Video Offering Appeals --

Show offering appeal videos in your church each Sabbath. Download the videos in English or in Spanish from the North American Division's stewardship Web site. You may also order the whole year's offering appeal videos on DVD by contacting the Southwestern Stewardship Department. E-mail Evelyn Labrador at or call 817.295.0476, ext. 341.


**Special Interviews/Articles and our Southwestern Union President’s Perspective

February 2013 Southwestern Union Record:


**Steps for your personal Development and Study


**List of resources in PDF format on for personal giving as Faithful Stewards;


**North American Division Stewardship Department

Have you ever wondered how your church is financed? Where does all the money go anyway? What are the different levels of organization?  When did the church start the tithe and offering system?  This site will help answer some of those questions.

The Personal Giving Plan (PGP) is a suggested systematic stewardship plan for every member. You will read about the history of giving and be able to download a number of stewardship education resources. It is a site that will be updated as material becomes available. Welcome to The Personal Giving Plan.


**General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Stewardship Department News and Updates


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