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Review & Herald Literature Ministries

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Rubi E. Pimentel
Director of R&H Literature Ministries


Phone: 817.295.0476, ext. 121

Messengers of Hope Congress - April 11-14, 2014

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-- About Review & Herald Literature Ministries --

Review & Herald Literature Ministries is part of the Review & Herald Publishing Association arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our teens, and young people are not the future of our church. They are the present, a valuable jewel in Gods hands. The literature Ministry Department assist the local Conference and local Church with tools that will help them empower our youth to be partakers in the mission of our church. Our focus is to train our Conference Literature Ministries Directors,and local churches to develop, train, and equipped our youth to become leaders, and workers in God's vineyard.

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