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Personal Ministries

Training and equipping lay members to be successful in witnessing

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Eddie Canales
Vice President, Multi-ethnic Ministries and Personal Ministries Director

Tammy Prieto
Administrative Secretary


Phone: 817.295.0476

Fax: 817.426.7121


La Revista Vision: Del Pueblo Hispano de la Unión del Suroeste


Outreach coordinator ministry description ( PDF file, MS Word/DOC file)



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The personal ministries department exists to assist the local conference and local church pastor in training and equipping lay members to be successful in witnessing. Our work focuses on training the local church personal ministries director who can then train others and lead out in a successful witnessing program.

Our lay evangelism training includes not only practical, hands-on, how to give Bible studies and how to ask for decisions, it also includes a study of different personality types and how each should be approached in order to attract all to the gospel of Christ. Training seminars are available in both English and Spanish.

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