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Multicultural Ministries

Ministering to the Southwest's cultural and ethnic diversity

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Eddie Canales
Vice President, Multicultural Ministries and Personal Ministries Director

Tammy Prieto
Administrative Secretary


Phone: 817.295.0476

Segunda Convención de Liderazgo en Grupos Pequeños

Debido a conflictos de horario, este evento se ha pospuesto hasta el próximo año. Haremos un anuncio cuando el evento sea programado. Nos disculpamos por la inconveniencia.

Due to schedule conflicts for involved personnel, this event has been postponed until another year. We will make an announcement once the event has been rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

la revista vision del pueblo hispano de unión suroeste

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The Multicultural Ministries department provides leadership training programs and materials for our conferences as they focus on reaching the diverse population in the Southwestern Union through lay evangelism as well as providing assistance for actual evangelistic efforts. The vice-president for multicultural ministries works with each conference to train and encourage the work among varied churches and members, with a special emphasis on evangelism and lay evangelism training.

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