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Margaret Taglavore - Remembering Time slideshow

Press ready files for publication

To post as needed

--- Graphic campaign font and color list ---


  • WordMark: Bell MT Bold, Bell MT Italic
  • Script Phrase: Coronet Regular
  • Small Text: Bell MT Bold, Bell MT Regular


Earthy Mauve:

  • Hex color code: #673147
  • CMYK: 49-84-50-37

Web site colors (

  • Background brown color: #27140a
  • Light Background: #e7cdaa
  • Dark Mauve: #554159


WordMark Vector Files (AIs)

Finished Ads (JPGs)

Base Images - High Resolution

PSDs (with text as shapes/outlines)

PSDs and editable PDFs (with text as text)


For more information, feel free to contact Reggie Johnson at

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