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Education Department Best Links!

Edutopia is my favorite quick read educational journal, and it has a great web site that allows you to see all sorts of educational innovations, particularly ones involving technology. Don’t forget the video collection and teacher training as well as the magazine itself online! Just click on the left!

Fascinating books read by actors that your students may recognize are featured on this website. You can see the book and the actor, and worksheets/discussion starters are provided for many books. Broadband internet access is crucial for quality. Do try the full screen picture and the caption turn on and off button. Don’t play a book without previewing it yourself! Don’t forget to try “more stories” since the collection continues to grow!

Try this quick one for upper grade or academy students. See if they can learn the elements for repetition as quickly as the presenter. Note that a script is available.

This site presents a growing variety of classroom videos. Quality varies. Some are fascinating. Try the tabs at the top of the page to get to the best ones. You may want to join Teacher Tube and download the files so that you don’t have downloading delays when you are doing classroom presentations.

If you want to try some neat sound recordings for your classroom or personal use, this site provides a free sound editing program.

Education Podcast Network provides a variety of podcasts that your students may enjoy. Remember to screen to make sure that the podcast fits your classroom needs.

Radio for kids by kids. Click on listen to hear a variety of student produced programs. Try a some of the teacher blogs. Note the grade level tabs at the top of the page and the educational links to lead you to sites and activities that Omaha has found useful.

Whether you want to see the latest Texas blooms or check out beautiful flower pictures or order some of those wonderful wild flower seeds, this is the site for you. I ordered a couple of pounds of bluebonnet seeds a few years ago and now have several bright blue patches as a reward—not as many as I would like, but still a good reward for limited work. Wildflowers are the way to go!



The Discovery Channel school site has many neat free lesson plans, web quests, etc. If you subscribe to United Streaming through the NAD contract (, you will be able to view a whole catalog of video clips to energize your lessons K-12. Take a look! While you are at this site, try the Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators link on the left side. That link opens up a world of plans and links—lots of practical stuff for teacher use.

Although this site is dedicated to integrating technology into the curriculum, it offers a world of features for classroom use. Try the RubiStar for developing rubrics (Remember those?), QuizStar for developing quizzes online, or even the Use and Safety section to assist in preserving the safe use of computers in your classroom.

Verizon seems to the major sponsor of this site, and it is filled with the latest and best in resources and links. Try the Thinkfinity calendar at the top of the page for historical daily events or the Teacher Resources Lesson Plan Index for many fully-developed lesson plans—including those web links that take so many hours to develop. Don’t forget to try the Search Thinkfinity section on the right which opens even more links in different subject areas.

For the latest in education news and also a number of resources, try this site which beats the currency and cost of just about any education magazine for those of you who just have to know what is going on “out there.”

The world of Public Broadcasting System resources are linked from this site, but it also offers a wide variety of online coursework that is relatively inexpensive. Beginning summer 2007, some courses will have graduate credit available for an additional fee, still less than what many colleges charge. We will translate CEU’s into PAC’s if you need them, using a course description which gives hours for course completion.

If you are a techie or if you need some tech help, you might try some of the resources at this site. It is divided into sections for teachers, tech coordinators, and administrators, but you will find valuable information under each heading. The section on security is particularly comprehensive. The site advertising is rather strong, but I suppose that the site developers do have to get paid, too!

Yes, I know that all of you probably already know this site, and I know, too, that is all too commercialized and too Harry Potterized, but it does have some great materials. I’m still laughing at a poem that I just heard read aloud by the author in the teacher section. Look beyond commercials and get into some really great materials, particularly under the teacher section, several that can be shared directly into your classroom at no cost!

The Education World® site is filled with ideas for teachers and administrators. Make sure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page to get the full picture.

The home page for this site is a little challenging, but just in case you want to read in more depth or deal particularly with the challenges facing secondary students, try clicking the topics just above the sunburst. A selection of rather scholarly yet readable articles is available at no cost, and they just might stir your mind to new ways of touching student lives. Scroll down and see if something just meets your needs. This site might prove most valuable in your graduate studies in education.

If you are into tech as a coordinator, administrator, or tech-savvy teacher, this magazine will be most helpful. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for a free one year subscription, or just gain from the online information that deals with solutions to current tech challenges on campuses.

Since you have already discovered our Union website, next on your list should be the North American Division education website. Try the top right tabs for everything you want to know about the coming national convention or about Journey to Excellence. The tabs below the pictures will lead you to a school finder, to our colleges and universities (including a world of information for college bound youth), and the latest news stories. Of more interest to you will be the curriculum tab where you will find much information regarding what you are to teach at each grade level. From elementary key learnings to curriculum guides, this is your best source. The resource tab contains almost all of the other material available at the NAD, ranging from evaluation documents to supervision manuals to the new logo. Check out the links to many of our prominent sites, most of which I will not repeat here. Of course, the employment tab has become the single most used job listing spot in the Adventist educational world. Spend some time checking out all that is available! Don’t forget some of those promotional items to market your school!

Circle has the next best site for Adventist teachers. It is a constantly growing and giving you quick access to just about anything that you can ask for curriculum-wise, from Christian drama to lesson plans to home schooling. Try the browse and search features to quickly find awesome materials from around the world. On the right, do note the “category tree” that can lead you to new ways of searching and the “new resources” to show what is the very latest. Check Circle regularly since it changes almost daily!

This is an excellent source for all sorts of church and school materials. Note the wonderful listing of links across the top, leading you to sunset calendars, zip codes, the Ellen G. White Estate, and a world of other valuable sites. Also, under North American Division on the left, you can find just about anything that you want to know about our Division. For instance, check out Women’s Ministries to see a vast array of information and reading to assist Christian growth. Your kids will love the official time link. Why not appoint an official time setter and a sunset checker for at least once a week? This site alone would provide a wonderful web quest.

The e-sword people have my favorite bible site. Their free downloadable software and commentaries are always on my laptop for reading and study on the road. The free pictures are great, too! Start with the “Training” tab!

This site has excellent bible studies and useful translations for sharing with your students.

All of us have to preach now and then, and a world of illustrations is most helpful. Start with the “How to Use” tab.

This is an academy math teacher’s treasure site. Try the “famous curves index.” The biographies are fascinating, also.

If your computer has a decent sound card, try this site for all sorts of musical assistance. You can play most hymns on your computer, and some will even download as MP3 files so that your kids can practice while they exercise! Be creative! Start with the how to or the index.

If you and your kids have not tried this site, you are behind the times! BJ and his dad have kept building links over the year, and his listings are amazing! You might need to do some screening, and in some areas commercialism has crept in, but it is still a great site.

Larry Blackmer is our vice-president of education at the NAD, but, beyond that, he is a fascinating and creative fellow who takes wonderful pictures that he shares on his site as well as some great Powerpoints and documents that you might just find helpful. Try “Presentations” and “Resources/Forms.”

Check out this site to see what is happening in technology across the Division. If you need technology credit to renew your certification, this is the site for you for coursework and some scholarships.

Our own Geoscience Research Institute has a world of materials for teachers, dealing with creationism and science. Click on the For Teachers tab and then check out the FAQ section and the Powerpoints and Videos. If you are an upper grade science teacher, note the Tim Standish collection of dozens of Powerpoints on many science topics. Dr. Standish does a great job, particularly at the high end. Some of those other Powerpoints are offered by elementary teachers for even lower grade classrooms.

The ads are not always the best, but this is my favorite weather site. Just click to switch the maps to illustrate weather changes. Also, this site has the best collection of weather pictures that I know of. See “Wunder Photos” tab at the top of the page.

For links to a wide variety of denominational ministries, try this site.

Surely you must know Google and its world of features by now. Still, if you have not visited this page recently, try clicking the “more” tab. Then, note all that google has to offer from maps to shopping (Froogal) to images of almost everything (Screen carefully!) to a massive program called “Google Earth.” If your school is blessed with a fast internet connection, you really must get into this free program. Put your school address into the search box, your home address, your students’ home addresses. Try some of the city views or perhaps the Kremlin or the Grand Canyon. Amazing views! Try another free Google program—“Picasa.” This is one of the best photo editing programs around, and the price is right. Let your students play with it now and then, and you will be amazed at how quickly they learn to edit pictures, saving you hours of work!

From time to time we will add more links. Please send us your favorites by e-mailing!

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