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Hurricane Harvey Slams into South Texas

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southern coast of Texas, leaving a path of devastation in its wake. The areas surrounding of Galveston, Corpus Christi, Rockport and Houston have been greatly affected by the damaging winds and rising flood waters. The storm is currently moving at a slow pace and will impact the greater southeastern Texas area for several more days, dropping more than 40 inches of water on the region.

At present Adventist Community Services (ACS) through national and regional network, is in the preparedness phase and waiting to respond to needs there once they have been established.  Teams from throughout the United States, are standing by and ready to help. ACS is also collaborating with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), the Red Cross, the United Parcel Service, and others, and will be ready when called upon to serve those impacted.  ACS will continue working with local and federal agencies to identify the greatest needs and how they can be met effectively.

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Southern Louisiana Flood Response Videos

Video: How to Prepare a Flood Bucket

Video: ACS mobile unit delivers aid to Louisiana town from SAU Journalism/Communication on Vimeo.

August 28 Update (Louisiana Flood)

UPDATE: On Aug. 28, ACS continued its recovery efforts at the warehouse in Baton Rouge, La., taking in supplies from around the region and distributing them. A letter from the state was sent to public and non-governmental organizations, informing them about the ACS-operated warehouse. The letter also offers guidance on donated goods. MORE on ACS work in La; watch a warehouse video and church clean up video.

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8-23-16 Update on Louisiana Flood Recovery

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Adventist Community Services (ACS) shares this report.

The Louisiana Flood is being referred to as a 1,000 year flood and more than 100,000 residents have registered with FEMA. Many local church members have been affected, some losing everything; several churches have sustained water damage. Churches in both Southwest Region and ArkLa Conferences housed and fed members, and many flood survivors have since been able to make other living arrangements. Three Texas churches held a quick food drive to support some of the Louisiana churches feeding survivors. READ MORE >>

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Flooding response in southeast Texas, 3-18-16

The Texas Adventist Community Services (ACS) Mobile Unit has been in Bon Wier and Newton, TX, today where dedicated volunteers have been assisting flood survivors. They distributed pre-packaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, blankets, sheets, and clean up kits.

Tomorrow they will be in Deweyville to serve the affected families there. About 1,000 survivors are expected to receive services from ACS and other non-profit organizations.

Flood waters are still rising in Orange, TX, and expected to crest next Wednesday. It will take several days for the flood waters to recede. Orange County has requested that ACS manage a multi agency warehouse for this disaster.

Sherry Watts, Adventist Community Services

ACS responds in Kyle, TX - Nov. 4, 2015

In response to the recent flooding in Central Texas, ACS participated in a Multi Agency Resource Center (MARC) yesterday in Kyle, Texas.  This center served two of the hardest hit counties.  We distributed yellow cleanup buckets, toilet paper, and mold inhibitor to 142 families (576 people).  Many survivors expressed appreciation for the assistance.

Sherry Watts, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response

San Marcos Response - May 29, 2015

Hays County, San Marcos, and Wimberley have asked ACS to provide leadership for a donations management facility.  It is in the old Target store in San Marcos and they are providing the needed equipment.  Monique Monroe, ACS DR Area Coordinator for the Dallas area, will be the manager for this operation.  We will be accepting donations, organizing them by category on tables, and making them available to the disaster survivors.  

-Sherry Watts

San Marcos Flood - May 2015

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Flash floods inundated the San Marcos, TX area late Saturday, May 23, 2015, with record breaking river levels.  Texas Adventist Community Services Disaster Response deployed the Mobile Distribution Unit, and pre-packaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, blankets, and clean up buckets were distributed.  Local volunteers say they felt blessed as they served dozens of families from their community.  "Serving Communities in Christ's Name" 

-Sherry Watts [Photos by Josue Murillo]

Eagle Pass Mayor Voices Apreciation for ACS Volunteers

The clothing truck is being returned to The ACS DR Depot in Keene, reported Gerald Mohr, Keen Area ACS DR Coordinator and truck driver, and Bill Wetmore, truck driver. They, along with Pastor Guzman and ACS volunteers from the Eagle Pass Church, distributed clothing packs, personal care kits, and blankets to 1,027 flood survivors in Eagle Pass.  

Mary and Frank Jeys, ACS DR Coordinators from San Antonio, along with other volunteers who accompanied them, organized and set up a distribution center in Eagle Pass. They have served several hundred families so far. Pastor Guzman and ACS Volunteers from the Eagle Pass Church have been very involved with the response, and will continue to serve their community as long as the need continues.

The Mayor of Eagle Pass voiced his appreciation for what our volunteers did to quickly help the displaced families.

-Sherri Watts, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response

ACSDR Serves 715 Flood Survivors

ACS DR served 715 flood survivors clothing packs, personal care kits, and blankets from the Mobile Distribution Unit (semi truck) today in Eagle Pass, TX.  Part of our team arrived yesterday, and began setting up a distribution center in an old junior high school gym.  They served about 200 people cleaning supplies, clothing items, and assorted goods that were donated at that site.  About noon today the Mayor of Eagle Pass visited them, and decided to move them to a different facility, one that was larger and had air conditioning.  Our volunteers were interviewed by two news crews, one of the which was picked up by one of the national networks and was on the evening news.

-Sherri Watts, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response

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